Great news!

Hello  everybody!

Great week starting!
Chloé Sucrée just joined the Food Revolution at the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation!

Could the week start better?

Yes, with a baking Atelier with mini Chef Maria & Katia, two little and beautiful girls!
Chocolate is their obsession so I try and we try to change some of the recipes I have introducing new flours (spelt and quinoa ones), using only brown suger and fruits (apple compote, apple crumble, etc).
And we bake in French, of course, so much glamourous! hihihi

So we did Spelt Crêpes avec apple cinnamoon compote and speculoos crumble!
(this recipe is not gluten free, but we can switch flours).

It's all about starting something! 
And making them active in the cooking process, showing them why we use this and not this and "apple compote is not so bad after all....I quite like it I think" (true story from a 12 years kid) ;)

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